Scene organization

I used a handy plug in “View Parts”. It will very quickly generate a scene for each group or component in a model, hiding everything else. I use these scenes, then, in LO. But, I don’t know how it orders them, so the result in the Scene window is far from how I would organize them. I cannot drag and drop the Scenes into a reasonable order nor will more than one at a time work with the up / down arrows to move scenes in the window. So, organizing 50-75 scenes (also a short coming in that there is no count of scenes in the model displayed) is tedious as I move each scene individually into a position of better organization.

I tried Curic’s Scene Manager program and it seemed to be a good solution. But, it doesn’t reorganize the native SU Scenes window and, somehow, after doing all the work of organizing the scenes in the Curic window, I did something that erased the modified order. Not sure what.

Does anyone know of any solution to this? It wold be nice if Trimble would add organizational hierarchy as they have in Tags. And implemented drag and drop.

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