Scan Essentials - "Bonus Feature"

Hello to all in the community

I have been using Scan Essentials daily recently and it has become a very important part of my workflow when converting site data to workable models.

Whilst I make use of most features there is one which I still cant get my head around. There is a video online called “3D Modeling in Trimble Scan Essentials for SketchUp” which for reference can be found here: 3D Modeling in Trimble Scan Essentials for SketchUp - YouTube
There is a bonus feature section where it touches on using the freehand tool (12:26) and it shows what appears to be an ‘auto trace’ of the arch. When I have tried to replicate this feature I am not getting the same result. Is this ‘smart’ free hand feature available?

If any one can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated



Can anyone help me with this please? Is it known if this is possible



Hi Ash, just confirmed with the development team behind the Scan Essentials, they removed the ‘auto trace’ from Scan Essentials when SketchUp added modifiers to the freehand tool and when they fixed the guiding tools. How important is this feature to your workflows? What do you usually do with Scan Essentials?

Didn’t know about this. I now follow the topic.
Seems an useful feature for non regular geometries like vaults, arcs and columns.
Could this live again with the new and better Freehand?

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This would be very useful for my workflow for sure. Can I arrange a discussion with the development team? How do we go about this?

I agree it would be great if the tool could be reintroduced. It would be useful especially for arcs etc as you say!