Saving an animation in SketchUp Free

How can I save an animation? I don’t see that as an option in this version.

Why doe the UI have to change drastically every few months?

I already told you that feature isn’t implement yet. Use your desktop client version.

I haven’t noticed any real drastic changes since it was called My.sketchUp. They do keep adding features which adds things to the UI so some changes should be expected.

Already? I didn’t see that in your reply.

There’s no indication that files created in SU Free are SU 2017 compatible. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll have to install that version I guess. I’m using 2016.

This is a discussion of SketchUp Free, so I didn’t think I needed to point out that I was talking about SketchUp Free.

Thanks for the help. I’m glad it wasn’t just something I couldn’t figure out. Those options just aren’t available in the Free version, which is why I couldn’t find them.

I replied to your question about animations from your other post. How about slowing down and leaving a question once so we don’t have to keep chasing all over answering it.

Wasn’t sure I’d get an answer right away. This question was specifically about the animation saving. The other was a reply to another unrelated topic.

Thanks for your help.

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