Save of export Vector from SketchUp Twilight Rendering?

I’m using Windows, SU 2014 and Twilight Rendering for SU.
Can Someone please tell how I might take a sketchup of a house saved in a Twilight Rendering and export as a vector file for large printing?

Thanks, BIlly

renderings are raster data by design, render in the highest resolution Twilight Render enables you for printing on large format printers (aka plotters).

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Thank you Sketch3d_de I’ll look into it.

Hi there, Havent been able to find info about “plotters,” in Twilight do you have any more suggestions? thanks, Billy

Plotters output vector lines. A rendered image is not that, but an image, some form of bitmap (or a raster as previous post said) . A plotter can’t print images, but a large format printer can.

pen plotters as well as inkjet or electrostatic plotters (the latter called large format printers today) are output devices and not a Twilight setting… just configure the width/height [pixel] of the render output size as big as possible:

for calculating the needed amount of pixels for the desired paper size in the desired resolution [dpi] you may want use an according online calculator.

Thank you, This is going on a billboard. Have not talked to the billboard maker but have had a few discussions with printers who say it also depends on the closeness to the rendering and the size.

I was able to resolve this by using the chart and settings in Twilight