Sandbox Tools

Using the from scratch tool I created a rectangle for my terrain. When I try to use the smooth tool the red circle does not appear. If I make a regular rectangle from the tool bar in Sketchup the red circle for the smooth tool appears.

The stamp tool was working yesterday and now it is not working. I am not doing anything different from in regarding to the " from scratch " rectangle.

Maybe you could share your .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

How large is the terrain you’ve created? What’s the radius for the Smoove tool?

When you create the terrain rectangle from scratch the geometry is inside a group. Are you opening the group for editing before selecting the Smoove tool? The tool won’t work and you won’t get the circle if you are trying to work on the group instead of the geometry inside it.

Hi Dave

Thanks for the reply. The " from scratch" rectangle is not grouped. I turns out I am able to use the smooth tool with out the red circle. I click on a square which becomes the center and i can push and pull the terrain.

On another note. I work with Enscape/Sketchup. For some reason the sun is shining but does not come through the windows. This was working 2.5 hours ago meaning I could take screen shots of renders with the sun coming threw the window. Now the inside of the window is black.

Probably best to start a new thread and make sure Enscape is included in the title. I don’t use Enscape so can’t really offer a solution.