Same SketchUp you love, a new way to buy

And I guess I was hoping for a bit more of a welcome from a Sketchup Team member, after spending almost $700 this morning… than the suggestion that I did the worst thing I could do… : (


Hi Colin, I am quite surprised that is the tone that you took with someone just buying into Sketchup. The deal that Trimble is offering is not so great, particularly when none of us know what is coming down the line. the full price is basically the same as 2 years subscription and you have it for ever and as a seperate licence. If you then decide in 2 years that you want to go subscription then that is a separate licence. Now you have two licences for sketchup. This actually makes economic sense even if you buy new and more so if you have just upgraded the M&S licence for a year. I love using Sketchup and use it for my work almost every day. I have no problem with the cost but I do have many doubts about what we will be getting for our money and when. Perhaps you would one day be able to enlighten us.


I may need to delete my post! I am extremely happy that you have bought SketchUp, I was only talking about the timing. I think that in four years from now I will stop posting while watching election results coming in.

In a year from now you can still do the migration offer, and that will help cost wise.

I agree with you having bought SketchUp, and promise to do better in my future replies.


Thank you for the comment, and sorry for my tone last night.

Thanks Colin and Dan… am looking forward to my new life as a Sketchup artist. (Is that a thing?)

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This “maintenance vs. subscription vs. perpetual license vs. SaaS vs. November 4, 2020 deadline vs. April 2021 deadline vs. $598 for 2 years vs. promised $240 for 2 years” could NOT have been more confusing and chaotic. Plus, I TRIED to subscribe at the $240 pricing and could not find a discount code and was not about to pay 2.5 times the promised price.

Oh well, no biggie. I’ll use 2020 til I can’t. Then subscribe. Don’t like it but I accept it.

What is somewhat unsettling to me about T&C’s wording is the fact that when the perpetual license sunset was announced, it was made known that if your active M&S expired within a certain period after the sunset, you could still renew your M&S one last time and would just lose out on the surplus M&S beyond 4 November 2021 (1 year after sunset of perpetual license).

So I tried to do exactly that a couple of days ago, my active M&S expiring within the next number of weeks, but couldn’t and followed up with some SU Team help here only to be advised that it can’t be done because they’ve clarified the wording on those T&C’s since that time. NOT COOL MAN, exactly the kind of reason I often ask the difficult questions and sometimes get lambasted for it…

Anyhow, it is what it is. I’ll be riding my SU2020Pro pony until the wheels come off I guess, unless SU2021Pro is released within my upgrade eligibility period.

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Ultimately ended up having to get the subscription myself, despite being firmly opposed to it. I had a Sketchup Pro 2020 license ready to go on a new PC, however after deciding to try and get a Ryzen 5000 (Which unfortunately came out November 5 and I failed to get, @#$%…) over a Ryzen 3000 series, I was never able to finish building my new PC in time to get the app and license setup on there (And I didn’t want to commit to the maintenance plan with no idea when this PC build will be finished).

So I just took the plunge for the subscription with the 2-year promo for $240. I can only hope the announcement of Sketchup Pro 2021 justifies the subscription model. Honestly, if there’s no stellar improvement come 2021 after all this fanfare and pushing the subscription model for the betterment of Sketchup, I’ll be mad (Not that my mood will amount to anything lol).

The is no time limit as such for when you can install and use a classic 2020 license, only an end to updating it.

I still have the license and authorization information. If it works I’ll be happy, and can just kill my subscription after two years if it doesn’t bear fruit lol :slight_smile:

I have installed Blender
Can one import SKU to Blender?
And if so HOW?
I do play architecture concept for years but I never start with a layout
I just go by inspiration and end up at 60 stories :slight_smile:
With Covid and uncalled for, Pension I am getting like “desperado”.
I bloody went to school again at 63 to get a SKU and Revit certificate
it did not help to get me to a last attempt in the market.
When the course was done our school licence well it got wings.
Why can’t they do something for those at home who want to draw more than
the Gazebo in the garden

Is that your Gazebo!? Wow.

You CAN move models from SketchUp to Blender. There are many ways, and it’s go easier over time. Chipp may reply–he has it all worked out…Or you can just Google it. SketchUp to Blender. I haven’t done it in a while so better to get the latest from someone else. Or look at this. Render your Sketchup Model in Blender