Running 2020.0 vs. 2020.1

I just attempted to finally migrate from 2020 to 2020.1, installing E.O.D. Friday to be ready for Monday. This morning I reverted back to 2020 since 2020.1 seems to behave differently zooming/clipping and I just don’t want to fight it at the moment.

My question is, if others in my company are running 2020.1 will files still behave between the two? Will I run into problems as if I were running an older version and not be able to open newer versions? (example, running 2019 not being able to open 2020 version files) Or are 1.1 files still recognized as 2020 version files and will open fine on 2020 or 2020.1?

I did notice this related topic. 2020.1 Clipping Issues

I tried Eneroth’s Parallel Clipping extension. I still found the differences annoying enough to revert back to 2020. Please don’t suggest switching to perspective, ever since I started Sketchup the zooming in perspective hasn’t felt natural to me, which was one of the main reasons I choose to use parallel in the first place.

Thank you.

Any 2020.x file will open without any complaints, in a different 2020.x version. A 2020.1 file in your 2020.0 SketchUp for your example.

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I set Eneroth’s Parallel Clipping extension to the keyboard shortcut shift+space…I find it works really well that way. So yes, when I zoom in things dissapear, then i hit shift+space and they are back.

I could see that helping, but it just seems like a band-aid and added step. If 2020.0 is working, I’m sticking with 2020.0.