Rubymine doesn't show value of string variables by debugging time

I can see it on Win10(64bit) RM2019 -> SUPro2019(english ver) with SURubyDebugger.dll with national encoded symbols in string variables!
for example
instead dname="1ящик" Rubymine shows in ‘watch’ window dname="1"
instead dname="полка" Rubymine shows dname=""
other words national symbols has been cutted… But in result of script job in Sketchup all values are work correctly. Only not visible by debugging time in RM.
I tryed another schem:
Win10(64bit) RM2019 -> (on another machine by LAN) Win7(64bit) SUPro2016(32bit english ver) with SURubyDebugger.dll
on the same Ruby SU script. Amazing… it work… All variables visible in ‘watch’ and variable windows!

All system settings in Windows the same. encoding in RM settings - same.

where missmatch? SU or SURubyDebugger.dll, may by I forget some encoding settings?

What do you observe if you debug a standalone Ruby script running in the normal Ruby interpreter?

Also, is your source file UTF-8 encoded?

irb(main):001:0> valu=‘тест’
irb(main):002:0> puts valu
=> nil

it works!

also in SU 2019 console
I’ve added puts dname in my script and print out to console all variables correctrly.

encoding settings for RM set UTF-8 for file, project and .properies encoding
My project files in UTF-8 encoding.

You should probably use a “magic comment” at the top of your source files.

# encoding: UTF-8

See the docpage for the Encoding class …

just try
it doesn’t solve the problem

Interesting that national symbols was cutted but digit stay in place.
Usualy I can see wrong symbols when encoding incorrect.
but this case different!

next experiment on one machine
Win10(64bit) RM2019 -> SUPro2016(64bit) with SURubyDebugger.dll
–working correct.

SU2016 and SU2019 output the same in console


(empty string)

I think something wrong in interaction SU2019-SUDebugger-RM