Ruby Scripting Service? Any Coders out there?

Hi All,

I do not have time to learn to Code and would like to find someone who could do that for me.

I want to develop a simple way to put Scaffolding Components together based on heights, lengths and widths. It does not have to be complicated, I am still happy adding finishing touches manually each time I do a design but I just want to take the copy and paste repetition out.

Most of the Componentry is already made up with specific names, etc.

I am designing a scaffold to support a concrete Structure.
I need to design a Birdcage (A large grid of scaffold “bays”) X metres Long by Y metres Wide by Z metres Tall
I want to input the scaffold Bay Widths and Lengths to use to create the overall design.
I want the script to figure out the veritcal member heights to use
I want to Specify which bays to brace with diagonals (Bays 1 and 8 in the second screenshot for example)

Another option could be a dynamic component using all the modular elements you have.

You still need someone to configure it, though. As the formulas can get really complex. Not sure if in that case a ruby script would be better, i have no experience with ruby.

Good luck.

Yes Dynamic componentry could also work, I just need someone to do it for me, I do not have the time.

You should ask Kenny from KG Dev. He can easily develop something for you - KG-dev | INFORMAXYZ | CAD, BIM, Design and IOT automation


You might want to see if Scaffmax does what you need
Scaffmax® Scaffolding Design Software | ULMA Construction

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Wow, thanks for this @Elmtec-Adam , I never even knew this existed.

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