Ruby Interpreter

What is the directory address of the RUby interpreter? Does anyone know how to install it under the KOMODO 10.* IDE?
thanks in advance

The Ruby interpreter used for the SketchUp Ruby API is embedded in the application. It has been tweaked slightly for this purpose and is not available for standalone use.

The repo for the API stubs is here:

SL and Dan, personal thanks, you guys are valuable founts. I am trying to “seamlessly” use either JET BRAINs or KOMODO 10.1 or 10.2 (by activestate)'s Ruby IDE. (editor no problem). I have not tried setting up a standalone RUBY or RUby on Rails, and interactively Dbug code then port them over. Using stubs etc, if/ as needed for Sketchup supplied items. I am trying to facilitate (or in RUby terms :‘coerce’) architect/ engineer/ construction. RE firmss to use SKetchup, including porting over legacy 3D CAD in standard format, ie Autodesk/ AutoCad 3D into Sketchup. The legacy CADs seem to have excellent picture quality renderings, textures, but, there are a bunch of other programs/ steps to produce the finished product, and lugubrious processes to make changes. Hopefully, Sketchup can provide an end-to-end solution with 3D renderings, and interactive animation (w interactive Flybys, seating on a website). I am sure its somewhere done, but, I am new to SKETCHUP and I dont want to get sucked into a programming Vortex/ black hole. Creating API functions with RUBY is superior to C++ et al, but, in terms of programming efficiency, using MIcrosoft Excel Vbasic and their built in API get programming jobs done is still quicker vs languages without interactive debug… Appreciate any guidance in the above.

I can’t quite follow your post…if you are looking to hook up an IDE for the purpose of debugging Ruby within SketchUp, see this page about the debugger interface. There are also several topics discussing people’s experience with setting up and operating the debugger. Search this forum and you will find them.

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For a guide on setting up the debugger with JetBrain’s RubyMine: RubyMine Overview · SketchUp/sketchup-ruby-api-tutorials Wiki · GitHub

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