Round corners for free

Hello all,
Do anyone have a free solution for round a corner?
Round corner by Fredo cost money now, is there a free plugin or usefull method how to create round corner for a model after it has been build?
thank you.

Follow Me works well. If your time has any value, though, the price of the Round Corner extension will be quickly repaid in time saved.


I can’t see how much the Fredo extension costs (it wants me to login on some external site), but there are at least two other rounding extensions that are only about $10.00.

Otherwise, your only real option is to make use of the native tools and spend a little extra time on your modeling.

Fredo’s extensions are hosted at Sketchucation. The price for Round Corner is $12USD. There’s a bundle of 8 extensions for $40USD that includes RoundCorner. Sketchucation Premium members get a substantial discount from that pricing, too.

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Which are far away of the functions of Fredo’s FredoCorner or RoundCorner…


FredoCorner is even more powerful than RoundCorner with variable rounding options and the option to undo rounding later on.