Reversed faces in LiveComponent models

many of the faces in the live component models have reversed faces. It would be nice, if instead of simple groups, there would be proper solid components.


Wow, really? That does seem to be something of a rookie error.


Could you give an example case?

Nested geometric contexts are usually groups so that they do not by themselves appear in SketchUp’s “In Model” component browser. (If they were subcomponents, they would appear in the browser and users could insert them into the model without their parent container. And then they would not work correctly.)

That said, groups can also be manifold (solid.) So yes, there is still work to do and LCs are at a beta stage.

@colin , an example is Residential Interior Door.skp.
The frame faces are reversed for instance. Also the knob of the door handle has reversed faces.

@DanRathbun: I would expect for instance the door handle knob to be a component. A door handle can be reused in other models and I would like both handles on a door to be always the same.

The whole door is an assembly and each part should be a proper solid as it is in reality. Having solids allows to compute the volume and together with the density as well the weight.
If the parts are only groups, we cannot indicate the axis of the object. But for placing objects dynamically in 3D space the axis are an important information. Also for later manufacturing this is important. Therefore I think it is good to choose the axis nicely for each object.

This is also the reason why I think the concept of DCs is that great. DCs work vey well, if axis and components are defined properly. (But there are also limitations, like accessing attributes of inner components)

What I also saw in above mentioned Interior door LC: The opening angle of the door can be indicated using a slider, which is cool.
I would expect, that the group object is rotated around the z-axis. but this is not the case. The faces within each group are rotated. This is strange.

Note that we have republished a lot of the content to fix reverse faces.

If you find more, let us know here.

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@tickletickle, thanks.
I just downloaded the bathtub and there are as well a lot of reversed faces:

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Thanks Uwe!

We’ll address.