Reverse Interactive Animation?

I’m trying to create an appliance garage door and I’ve got the first half of the animation working fine. But I want it to go in reverse when I click on it it a second time. Right now, it’s flipping to the back and them moving forward.

This is the first half of the animation: OnClick -> ANIMATEFAST(“RotX”,0,-90);ANIMATESLOW(“Y”,0,15);

Use an extra attribute that represents the state (eg. Closed or Open)
That attributes controls the parameters of the ANIMATION.


Another method (similar) is to create a time line, or points where conditions dictate the movement
movement examples.skp (32.8 KB)

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This is really good info. Thanks so much.

Do you guys know of a really good course on dynamic components that really goes into depth about them? I feel like there is so much I don’t know. And so much I don’t know that I don’t know. But the courses I see tend to only cover the basics.

Whatever I know I’ve posted links to here …

… if you find some thing that needs to be added ley me know.

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