Retaining model attributes while importing model into Sketchup

  • I imported a DXF file into Sketchup

  • Added some attributes to the model’s attribute_dictionaries

  • Saved the model as SKP. (say Model1)

  • Created a new empty model. Imported the recently saved SKP (Model1).

  • On examining the attribute_dictionaries of the current model, I was not able to find the attributes that I set for the Model1 before saving it as SKP.

I understand that importing a model in sketchup, imports the components of the model and the attributes were set to the model itself. But is there any way, where we can save attributes for a model and retain them even importing it into another model ?

The import model brings the SKP in as a component. What you see in the new model is an instance of the imported definition.

So the attribute dictionaries will be attached to the component definition (most likely.)