Rendering problems with SU Podium V2.6 plus

my version of podium ( SU Podium V2.6 plus) crashes everytime I try to render a scene in Sketchup pro 2019. message says I should activate my license, but it is valid and activated.
what can I do to resolve this?

Lot’s of different version of SU_Podium, you might not have the correct one installed. Then there where differences in the way Ruby was implemented in SketchUp 2019, too.
So the version you are using is very important (eg 2019.1 or 2019.3?)
Check this site for more info:

You should deactivate your license and uninstall SU_Podium, first.

Hi there, I got this kind support from the guys at Cadalog:

Is this crash happening with all SketchUp files, or just one particular project?

Please do this test – create a new SketchUp file. Model a simple cube and then press the render button.

Does Podium successfully model the cube scene?

If that works, it means Podium is working, but there is something in your project that is causing the renders to crash. Usually this would be something with lights or textures – like an LEM material that also has reflection properties, or a PDF file used as a texture (this can cause a crash). If you press the Wrench icon in the Podium toolbar it will analyze the model and generate a report – there is an “Alerts” section that will flag any potential problems with the model.

If the cube test works, please run an analysis on the project that is crashing and past the contents into a reply.

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Checking my model on crash-sensible items and resolving them, solved the problem also.
I had some materials attributed LEM and reflection characteristics which conflict with each other.

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