Render project

Hello, I’m having trouble randering objects downloaded from Chaos Cosmo. When you save a file in sketchup and export it to another program, e.g. shapespark, objects downloaded from chaos cosmo do not rander at all. I’m a beginner in self-taught 3D graphics, so please explain in a simple way what to do. Thanks in advance.

AFAIK objects from ChaosCosmos are proxy objects. They are placeholders that VRay uses only when you render. I’m not sure how you could make them available in other software.

yeah, Chaos Cosmos items are only for Chaos products - they will only work in Chaos products that support Cosmos.
I doubt they are licensed to be used elsewhere and you’d probably find that many are too high fidelity for something like Shapespark which is a low poly product.


Proxys from vray’s library can be rendered just with vray, most enscape proxys can be rendered with vray as well but proxys from vray can’t be rendered with enscape, probably it will be possible soon, both engines belong to the same company, Chaos.
The engine you want yo use is an online one, it has nothing to do with chaos, it will never detect the proxys and convert them into high quality objects for rendering, I haven’t used that engine but probably it could have an own 3D library with proxys you can add to your model.