Reduce space between dimension number and line

Hi all,
from what I’ve understood, the dimension text ‘lives’ within a box which has fixed space left and right of the text.
That sometimes is a problem if your dimension is squeezed in a small space as in the example bellow, where the text box is so big that it covers the entire line and arrows.)
I know it’s not recommended to use text sizes less than 8pt (in this case it’s 5pt) but many times this has happened with even larger texts
Is there (/could there be) a way to control that space or at least make it more responsive to the text size?

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What font are you using?

Who recommends not using text sizes less than 8 point? I’ve been using 6 point in certain projects for many years.

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verdana. With most people I’ve talked they prefer 8 and up so that they are easily read under all circumstances. I myself use smaller all the time (now that you say this, I’ll feel less guilt hehehe)
anyway, I tried changing fonts and it didn’t seem to affect the space

The padding at the beginning and end of the dimension text has been reduced over time but it is a fine balance between not enough and too much. My understanding is it is still something they are working on. In the meantime, one option is to explode the dimension, turn on fill for the text box, and adjust the size of it as needed. Not ideal but it works.

In my mind, It would solve everything if there was an adjustment to leave ‘x’ times the base character width of whatever text size/ font you are using. (let’s say 2 characters as default and being able to change that as desired)
oh, and changing dimensions one by one would be veeery time consuming… (and aslo make it unresponsive to length changes)

Well, in your mind it is simple but I think it’s a lot more involved.

I did say the option I gave isn’t ideal but I expect that your project can’t wait until the LO team make a change. My suggestion was to give you something you can do right now to improve the appearance. Another option is to move the dimension text off the dimension line. This is a setting that can be made quickly. For short dimensions you could enable leaders.

Your profile indicates you are still using SU/LO2018. Is that correct?

Yes. Reluctant to go into subscription yet…

What does that have to do with it? SU2019 is available with the Classic license. (same license model as 2018.)

hehehe, half the price if you use it for 2 years! (or 1/3 for three)

the basic concept is that you can use the classic license for as long as you want for free, if you upgrade every 2-3 years it beats subscription but this has nothing to do with the post…

thank you! I will try next.

I just upgraded to sketchup pro 2019 about a week ago.

P.S. thank you again for your help and patience…

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I would like to second this request for reduced padding either side of number and or the ability to adjust it. I use size 6 font myself as a work around but as mentioned by the OP this is not so easily read by some people.

Rodog has several issues with the same tool, so I propose to move the discussion to this centralised thread.

please refrain from debating here, where it’ll create duplicate and triplicates :wink: