Rectangular hole inside the a dynamic component

I create a dynamic component; inside the component i created a rectangular hole.
When do i change the dimension of the component the dimensions of the rectangular hole also change proportionally!
There is a solution to this?

When you change the size of an element of a DC you are in effect scaling it. An element with a hole in it will therefore, as you have found, scale the hole proportionately.

If you want the hole to stay a fixed size, or to be sizable independently of the element that contains it, you’ll have to surround it with separate elements bounding the hole.

If the element containing the hole is a simple rectangular shape, then you could define the hole by surrounding it by four rectangular shapes, and resize those to make the outside bigger, while keeping the hole the same size.

If you also want to resize the hole, or reposition it, resize the surrounding pieces accordingly.

If the outside isn’t a simple rectangle, the same principle would apply, but you might need more than four surrounding pieces.

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Are you able to upload the model in question?

You could create a component with the rectangular hole, set it to cut, import the component twice and arrange back to back. Constrain the position and size properties of the components and then re-try your original command.

Upload the model, it may be of help…