Positioning child components distorts parent component

In the attached file I have a component “box” and within it is a cut-out component “hole”.
problem.skp (22.0 KB)

“box” has static dimensions set with an equals sign for LenX, LenY, LenZ.
Just giving “hole” position variables distorts “box” and I have to right click Dynamic Components > Redraw to fix “box”.
Giving static dimensions to “hole” also distorts box and I can’t find how to correct that.
For example “hole” has a position X of 0. Just making it a static =0 distorts “box”.

as this is not a complex model, you can fix it by right click menu, scale definition, then enter or select via outliner, the hole and scale definition that as well.

Whilst building, keep to the default values (grey) to stop out of sync scaling issues