Reading data from txt file with sketchub ruby

hello I want to draw with data in txt file in sketchub. Is it possible for me to do this, if possible how can I do it?

I don’t know what is possible in sketchub.
But in SketchUp Ruby API is possible to read and parse text files. You have to write an extension (plugin) to do so.

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I have no idea what extension it is, I’m looking right now. I did not get much.

There is no built-in way to generate geometry from contents of a text file. There are simply too many possibilities of what such a file might contain and how it might be organized.

As @dezmo said, a Ruby script to run within SketchUp (a “plugin” or “extension”) could be written that would do the job. But, again, unless your file format happens to match what someone else needed earlier, you are not likely to find one pre-written. You will have to write it yourself or find someone to do it for you. If you are a skilled programmer, it shouldn’t be hard to learn Ruby and the SketchUp Ruby API to do the job. But otherwise it will require a lot of learning first.

PS I don’t know why you marked your post as the solution, as it doesn’t seem as if anything is solved!

Ready made extensions exist for certain text file types, like ones containing lists of 3D point data for terrain.

I am a computer engineering student and started learning skecthup to use in a project, but this is very difficult. I want to enter the information of a person in the txt file as floor information in the 3D model.

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I have a plugin “Import Lines” that creates lines in SU18 from imported comma separated x,y,z data. It is very useful in taking calculated profiles from excel into SU18 I don’t recall when/where I got it. I can’t find it in the wharehouse/sketchucation and have been unable to get it into my SU20/SU21 extensions.

Is there a new extension w similar capability?

This is exactly what I want. Can you talk about how I can do this?