Read Only File created by mistake

Been working on a file and somehow managed to turn it into a read only file. How do I make bring it back to life again? Using Windows 10 and Sketchup 2017. This file created in 2017. How do I stop doing this?

Generally if the file opens as read only it’s because the file is already open in another instance of SketchUp or it’s stored in a location that is un-writeable. In others, SketchUp can’t save to that location. Where do you have the SKP file saved?

In some past Windows versions, having the File Explorer open to the folder of a working file, could sometimes delay the release of file handle(s) after the file was closed. To manually speed things up, I’d click in the file list pane of the Explorer, and hit the F5 (Refresh) key.


_ts filed in the documents file as it always has been. _

Trying to save it now it says it was opened as read only and cannot be saved.

What if you use File>Save as… and give it a different name?

You lost me a bit Dan but I think Dave has just cracked it see below. I would never have thought of that. Thank you for your input. incredibly grateful for the help.

Tried it and that seems to work. Had a vision of having to start all over again and wasn’t excited at that prospect! Thanks again to the man who seems on duty 24/7 helping this newbie…


Also, keeping the Preview pane open in File Explorer tends to cause this error.


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That’s right (forgot about this,) and the Details pane can also cause issues. (I have them both switched off as a matter of normal everyday use.)