Question about 10 Licenses

Hello, I am a teacher of artistic disciplines in one of the cities of Russia. Our school has a very bad Internet, but I really want to teach children how to work in your program, so I would like to get 10 license keys. Why am I writing here? I would like to install your program on computers and install a license and not waste time and nerves on an annual fee for using your program. Is it possible If so, how? Thank you in advance.

I think that you should contact one of the SketchUp resellers in Russia

All Student and teacher licenses are annual based and due to expire…

What Mike said is important, in that the old cheap non-subscription license for eduction was still time limited.

Currently Sketchup Studio costs $1199 per year. You can get that for $55 per year per student. That’s like 21 years of subscription to SketchUp Studio.

There is also the web version, that is free. Your bad Internet comment may have been thinking about that, but once the page is loaded you are mostly working with local files.

Back to the hardships of installing a license on 10 machines, the subscription version doesn’t use a license. The user that the license was bought for just signs into their account.

Thank you all for the answers … Yeah … I miss the time when you buy a disk, get a license key and voila … work …

I would not be so worried about the license, but in our organization, if the guys are working on computers, then each program should be installed legally … You probably understand …