Quantity of luminaries

I’m looking to create a tubular light fixture for indirect lighting. its dimensions are 60cm or 120cm. I want to create a component that when I resize it, for example 5m it divides the number of luminaires I will need to use, and in the final dimension it uses the 60cm model if it deems better to fit the total space

Okay, sounds nice but I cannot envision what you are trying to achieve without a diagram.

Besides this, is there a problem you are having getting this to work ?

Can you post the component file that you’ve got so far ?

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thanks for the feedback DanRathbun!
I don’t have anything yet…I don’t know where to start. I know I will need to create two pieces, let’s say a 10cm x 10cm x 60cm rectangle and another 10cm x 10 x 120cm rectangle. this will be the pieces used to be copied side by side in a given dimension.
eg in a space of 3.60m it would be 3 pieces of 1.20m if the space increases to 4.00m he would add one of 60cm to complement. NOTE could have a transfer between her tmb.
EX.skp (787.8 KB)

I only opened this thread because of the enticing title!

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You are certainly one of the luminaries, to quoin a frieze!

As to the original question, you need to learn how to work with the copies function in Dynamic Components. You might look at the ceiling grid and fence examples posted by the SketchUp Team in the 3D Warehouse.


Hello friends!

Well, I made a model that almost worked! shortly…

1.I will use 2 models of lamps.

  1. I created a rule where the pieces cross 15 cm between them (Ref_T). I also created another rule that I can change
    (T_Pass) in a margin of 5cm for less, or 5cm for more. This to make them fit the best way in the full length (LENX).

  2. I created another rule that when the Size is Less than 160cm (Uso_60) the L60 disappears, so only the L120.

‘‘The L60 serves to complement the space without leaving gaps.’’

I ONLY NEED TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THE MARGIN OF THE RULE (T_Pass) work on the L120, they are fixed at 15cm I need to make it work in this margin to adjust in the best way.

I already use and make dynamic components and make it available to several students and companies here in Brazil. There are people who seem to come to the post wanting
the result to use and are frustrated by not seeing anything and not even want to give an initial light or post a link to help. My initial request was just in case someone
has seen something similar to help me.TESTE MODELO 1.skp (513.8 KB)

TESTE MODELO 1.skp (76.1 KB)

You will find there are many who will help, including all who answered here, its a case of understanding the scope and specification of your problem, I added a bit to your teste modelo, but whether that is sufficient, I am not sure


Thanks for the feedback and your help.
I made more progress!Lâmpada-LED-tubular

Yes it’s cool, but for indirect lighting, for example a curtain, the lamps need to be crossed, the ideal is 15cm but I tried to create a rule where the minimum overlap is 10cm and the maximum is 20cm. In cases you will not need to use a 60cm lamp to supply the length, but in others it adjusts to complement what is lacking.

TESTE MODELO 2.skp (758.9 KB)

Correct and I did not really understand what @EVP82 was describing until the diagram was added.

Not quite correct. Most of us who help here do exactly that. We help when your attempts fail.

However we usually ask that those requesting help at the least make an attempt themselves at solving the problem. Most teachers and students should value the concepts of “learn by doing” and “lessons from both success and failure”.

It is generally considered poor etiquette in any forum to post requests for others to do work for you. Your 1st and 2nd post (before you edited it) sort of looked to me like that is what they were. My reply was a way of prompting you with a few questions (ie, explain the problem better and make an attempt,) rather than directly accusing you violating etiquette.

Since you’ve made an issue of this, I find myself having to (but wishing I didn’t need to) explain this.

And by the way, … Simon was just joking.

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Hello Dan!

If in any way I offended, I’m sorry, I’ve always been very well helped here. I also contribute this forward.
my english is terrible.

I apologize for any misunderstandings.

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Can someone please help me by giving at least one tip, I’m almost… I can’t progress. I just want to make the two components of L120 and L60 fit the defined dimension. Thus, choosing the best pieces to use and giving the best division in this space, respecting a margin of the pieces passing one over the otherTESTE MODELO 2_1.skp (766.5 KB)