Quality Prop Models

Hi everyone. I hope someone doesn’t mind me asking where I might be able to find quality prop models for a lifestyle product image. Example below. (unfinished)

The problem I’m having is finding convincing prop models that make it hard to differentiate between the real thing. They don’t have to be free either. So, does anyone know of a good source for this type of thing?

Much appreciated in advance if you know of some decent sources.


Unfortunately, FormFonts is not taking on any new subscribers. However, I am planning on marketing a variety of retail packs sometime around the Summer. These will be not just people and vegetation, but a wide variety of common furnishings, equipment, tools, bric-a-brac, street furniture… You name it, I’ve probably modelled it.
I’m only sorry I can’t be of more use on this particular project.


Thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

You can find high quality and (very) high poly objects on https://shop.imeshh.com/product-category/3d-assets/archvis/
I use them in my Unreal projects and they are very nice.

The models are in Blender format so you will have to convert from Blender to DAE to import into SketchUp.
They also add a fbx file with each blender file but I always immediately delete those and never tried importing any model into SketchUp.

Maybe try out some free models form that site?