Quad mesh creation from contours

I am trying to create a high quality terrain model for a project in the foothills. I have all of the contours for existing and proposed. I have been trying to create a mesh from “from contours”, toposhaper, and terrain reshaper. They all look insufficient and notice they all triangulate. Is there any extensions out there that allow you to create mesh using quads rather than triangles from my cad contours? Or does sketchup only allow triangulation based on its main functionality.

toposhaper draw a square grid base of triangles which I prefer over irregular triangles using sandbox…if you are asking if you could draw 4 points without two planar surfaces like using nurbs…In Sketchup, you can’t.
I use toposhaper with soup bubble with dense grids to generate and modify my terrains and after extract the new contour lines they very close when I compare to a survey cad file.

even if you use nurbs they are not very precise…What I did in Rhino is creating a mesh (triangles) like sandbox and then I generate a grid with point clouds from that mesh… with those point clouds I used a reverse engineering plugin to create one big nurb.

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