Problem with Text Bullets in LayOut

Text Bullets in LayOut were working … and now they are not working.

  • Windows 10 has updated recently … and so has LayOut.

  • Attached is a simple LayOut file … which displays properly.

Also attached is the PDF Export of the LayOut file … which does NOT display properly.

Is this is Windows problem? … a LayOut problem? … or (most likely) I have some obscure switch set improperly in LayOut?

210621A Bullet Test.layout (1.9 MB)
210621A Bullet Test.pdf (1.6 MB)

I’m on a Mac. Here are my results:

One is LO, other is PDF.

I understand that the LayOut PDF exporter has a bug with fonts when the text line starts with a tab, and a fix has been promised. The workaround is to print to PDF.

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As per usual, you came up with an explanation of the problem … and a solution … more or less immediately. Print to PDF (a LayOut facility I seldom use) appears to work. Thank you for the helpful response.

10621A Bullet Test Print.pdf (139.7 KB)
210621A Bullet Test.pdf (1.6 MB)
210621A Bullet Test.layout (1.9 MB)