PROBLEM registration module

I likely can’t help with your problem for two reasons:

  1. I’m not the right person for installation problems and
  2. I can’t understand the error message!

While this forum has users from around the world, English has emerged as the preferred language on this forum - you’ll get more answers with English than you will with any other language.

For those of us who don’t speak (or read) the language of your error message, we’re likely to try using a translator such as Google Translate to understand your problem. However, the free translators available can’t translate pictures of text.

I suggest two things:

  1. Describe what you’re trying to do and
  2. Retype the text of the error message into the text of your reply here in the forum.
    Even if you do this in your language, this will allow the rest of us to use translating services provided on the web to understand what you need.

Run the installer by right clicking with the mouse, and choose “Run as administrator”.