Problem exporting in .3ds

Hello. If I try to export a model in .3ds, at a certain point of the progress, I get a bug splat. What can caused It? I tried to copy the entire model on a new page, but I get the bug splat also. Thanks

Hello. It can be because of a number of reasons. Have you purged your model of all unnecessary geometry and information before the export? If you upload the model here, we can have a look.

Yes, I follow always the same procedure with all my model and I never had this problem. The strange thing is that until yesterday the exportation works well with this model! Always when the progress arrives at 86% I get the bug splat! It’s strange! what should I do?

I can only speculate theoretically, without anything to look at. If you attach the file, I can try myself and see what’s wrong.

Great news. I reinstalled the program, and everything works well again! :slight_smile:

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