Problem drawing a construction line

I’m trying to draw a construction line using the measurement tool which will allow me to place a square in the centre of the workpiece. I cannot figure out the correct combination of clicks and key presses (honestly I find the tool counter intuitive with construction lines appearing in opposite planes from expected but when I try going counter-intuitive I still can’t get the needed construction line). I want the construction line to appear where the green line is in the below screenshot. Thanks for any advice.

You would click somewhere along a parallel edge to where you want the construction line. Then drag away from that edge to see the construction line appear.

If you open the Instructor window you will see an animation of the actions, while the Tape Measure tool is selected.

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You shouldn’t need any construction lines.
Select the square.
Activate the Move tool (press m key).
Click on the midpoint of either horizontal edge of the square. Start to move in the red direction, then to constrain movement to the red axis press and keep holding the Shift key, (or in SU 2017 and maybe 2016 tap the right arrow key). Move along red and pick up the midpoint of the box base. Click. That gets you centred left to right.

Repeat the process on the vertical side to move midpoint to midpoint on green, again either holding Shift to lock onto green, or tapping the Left arrow key. Done.

No guidelines needed for this operation.

However, if you DO need them, remember that you get a line parallel to an edge by dragging from that edge (as Colin said) OR by dragging from a midpoint.

If you drag from an endpoint or (maybe -
can’t check just now) an intersection you get a construction line in the direction you move the mouse (and can constrain the move direction here too). You can toggle points at the ends on or off with a modifier key (Shift? I think but can’t check now) - the status bar will tell you which modifier to use, and the tool icon will change to remind you.

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