Problem change color but color component does not change


I have donwload a model of a vessel container and want to add dynamic components so the color modifies when you click on a component. see picture below. every thing seems to be ok

So i taught everything was ok but when i activate the interact button to test the switch color green <=> color red. the color of the component does not change. But in the component attibutes the switch is ok. What am i doing wrong

When i click again it is showing red. But the part component is never changed to green???

What am i doing wrong??


Every colour option that you want, must be “in model”.
Try this, make some random face, paint it Green. Hide it.
Now try your dynamic options.

For my dynamic models, I’ve created (and hidden within my model) a small object with each side painted in the colours I use for my objects so that they’re always present even when I copy the model to another file.

When i give the group a switch then the entity is also changin color bit the part itself stays always red pff see pictures below

and now green

I think i am very close but still it is not working. Can somebody help please



I have added a component and put green on it but still the same problem?

it is like there is something in this model? When i do this in a new model everything looks ok

other suggestions??

So here’s the confusing part:
If you have a cube with no colours, and group it. You can then paint the group. When you enter the group, you can also paint on a face.
Painted face overrides Group paint

Your cube is painted red on the actual faces, not group.
So when the dynamic option tries to change the group colour to green, it can’t because the face colour is overriding the group colour. I hope this makes sense.

So go into your component, and paint back the default blank. Then try it.

Could this be due to the dominance rules about colors applied to entities nested inside Groups or Components? That is, if you apply a non-default material to a nested entity, it will be displayed in that color even if it is nested inside a Group that is also non-default color. Conversely, any nested entities that have the default material will be displayed with the color painted onto the Group that contains them.

It is ok
I have painted first the whole group in default colour and then added the attributes and it works

Thanks this was really hard to find


Another question, i want to plug this model into a website, this works with 3d warehouse so this one is solved. but then… so let me say 50 parts are on the screen and a user clicks on 2 of them . those turn red (selected). The ni want to read the model and look for the selected red ones. How can i do this on a website with javascript ???


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:arrow_right: Read a web model uploaded in 3D Warehouse

I will bring back the topic, as my problem is similar:

is there any plugin to let me paint a painted group? I’d like to override group paint over face paint and change a group’s color with just one click.

thruPaint, part of FreadoTools

but you will need to first install his library as well.

Though need to get use to a large set of controls

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