Print A3 as scalable on screen, need to buy Layout?

I use Scetchup to make construction drawings, to get a permit for an extension of my house, ie I am Scetchup intermediate, non-comercial use, having Scetchup Free.
I love Scetchup, but have problems to fulfil the municipal requirements. My intention is to export the scechup file into .pfd, send file and municipality opens file and print on A3, in scale 1:100.
I was told Scetchup/Layout is to be used, but its not part of my Freeware, do I need to buy Layout, or is there a way to print as is.
Please advice !
Best Regards, Kjell

There isn’t a good way to do what you need to do with SketchUp Free. It is possible although not easy with SketchUp make if you have a printer that can handle A3 paper. It would be simple to do in LayOut, though. To get LayOut you would need to get SketchUp 2019. There is a 30-day trial period so you could try it out before you buy. Alternatively, you could hire someone to make the documents for you from your model.

Layout isn’t available separately.

You’ll need to either:
Buy SketchUp Classic for the downloaded SketchUp Pro, Style Builder, and Layout for a fairly high price, but you’ll be able to use the current version (and any that are released in the next year) as long as your hardware keeps going.


Subscribe to the SketchUp Pro subscription offering. This will give you use of the current (and any new versions) of SketchUp, Style Builder, and Layout for one year. If you don’t renew, after the year, you’ll lose access and be back to SketchUp Free.

What is high? Hourly rates of draftsmen can add up, too.
On the other hand, when hiring a professional, you ‘ll not only hire a ‘pencil to draw’ but also experience, knowledge, confidence etc. Which sometimes eases the permit request process…

All combinations can (Trimble) connect with each other, so everyone can do were they’re good at.

I was late getting to work, so I didn’t take the time I normally do to re-read before posting. In retrospect, I should have worded it slightly differently. My “fairly high price” was solely in comparison to the subscription based SketchUp Pro.

Not knowing the country of origin of the OP, and not having the time to look up pricing in their currency, I opted for a relative measure and made the mistake of not saying what it was relative to!

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Thanks for feedback.
To clarify, I have made all drawings, can create pdf-files, have access to A3 printer.
But the printouts dont come out in scale from Scetchup, as I understand I either need to get Layout or size the pdf in eg Indesign.

You can use Eneroth Scaled Perspective to scale exported views in e.g. InDesign (both for parallel projection and perspective) but I’d recommend LayOut for a simple and efficient workflow.