Prefabricated modular houses

Hello community!
Today I am engaged in the creation of prefabricated modular houses.
The idea is the technology of producing houses from the resource of Ukraine, in particular hemp, wood, straw, clay, lime, etc.
At the moment I have already developed the concept of one of the houses. He has great potential! Ease of assembly (2 people), environmentally friendly materials, a huge selection of building types.

Modeling in SketchUp, visualization in Twinmotion.
With this post, I want to meet with people from the community to discuss these modular homes together.
In Ukraine and partly in Europe, there is now a great demand for such solutions, and my friends and I are entering the market in Ukraine for the time being, since it is in my country that there is a need for new housing for migrants from conflict zones.

At the moment, I do not have the opportunity to work in the Pro version of the sketchup, but this is temporary.

Funding will come soon and I will buy myself all the tools. It is interesting to communicate with designers of frame houses, with architects and builders.