Practical 3D Printing — Replacing Broken Parts | SketchUp Live

Don’t you hate it when that one little piece of something breaks? Then you have to try to find a part number and pay way more in shipping than the part itself costs :rage:

Not anymore! This time on SketchUp Live, @TheOnlyAaron shows how to model those busted parts in SketchUp and 3D print your own replacements. 21st-century DIY!

:speaking_head: 3D printing is for more than just desk trinkets :speaking_head:

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Getting ready to start… here are a few images that I will be using (and not explaining here at all… gotta join the stream if you want to understand)


Looking for clues…

Burnt Sienna 3 tab architectural shingles.
Knock down plaster.
Green fabric.
A small hair-like fiber.

Am I on the right track?

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I recognize the broken white thing. About three bucks a pair to buy them. Cheaper to make 'em if you can.


To say nothing of the time effort and use of a car to drive to the Big Box Store for one little part. Probably costs $50 if you count your time and cost of car. Being able to fix it at home in one’s spare (hahahahah!) time…Priceless! I have worked in construction and remodeling for many years and broken little parts are a real pain in the neck! Those drawer guides break all the time.

Looking forward to this one! I would like to try 3D printing.

I printed my house and painted it.

here it is sitting on a step ladder out front


looks like you also made a tiny scale model too ! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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Solution to wordsearch puzzle?

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You got 'em all! :tada::tada::tada:

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@TheOnlyAaron can you post pictures of these when you’ve printed them out please?

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Will do!!

SAAAVE was a tricky, anybody who doesn’t watch regularly would ever get that one!

You don’t know what you’re getting into…
I’m sure that I’ve reverse engeneered a lot of parts that have costed me more time and money (if I count my time) than if I would have ordered them with a few to spare!! :rofl:

Finished some overnight prints!