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To follow up on a conversation I had yesterday with Robert Sandberg at Google. Robert confirmed that the imagery we were used to using prior to the SketchUp degradation of its Add Location facility on May 22, 2017 is still available for sale by Google. The dataset is apparently called by another name but it is available. Trimble would have to obtain it under Google’s Premium Plan rather than under its Free Plan and pay an annual subscription fee of $10,000 per year for the right to incorporate the data into SketchUp Pro since Trimble charges money for a pro plan. Trimble could still obtain the data a no charge from Google if it did not charge a fee to SketchUp users.

This is, of course, contrary toTrimble’s repeated assertions to this forum over the past week and a half, that the data is no longer available. Moreover, this morning I accessed Google’s imaging data through another product called PVSketch. PVSketch charges a fee for their product so I assume PV Sketch is paying a fee to Google for the right to incorporate Google’s data in the PVSketch product. A snip of the drawing I made this morning is attached to this post.I will continue to follow up on this issue. And I again urge Trimble to pay the relatively small fee it needs to pay Google to fix the problem with SketchUp that has so completely debilitated so many of its users.



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Dan is right, this fits in the other thread.

I hope your post and this answer get’s moved by moderation.

If your info is true, then I agree that, even if I’m not the one who should say if it’s small or not, I imagine that 10000$ would be a relativelly small fee to pay, considering the idea I have for the amount of Sketchup Pro users existing…

In fact, considering we are talking about Google and a very expensive to get data, I think 10000$ is far too small considering all Trimble’s database.

I suspect there is a catch there.


Trimble purchased Sketchup from Google at a time when the program no longer fit with Google’s product line. Google offered a generous five year transition time, this from a company that has abruptly cancelled a number of products. I feel that both company’s deserve a little credit for this, not flames and near libel.
The time wasted by the anger, flames and obscenity on this forum where we are supposed to be supportive of one and other is a wast of time for us all. Of course constructive criticism is always helpful.


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