Posts and Flags and Moderation, Oh My!

I can, here is one I just flagged for flamming (ie, not contributing positively to the discussion and only serving to exacerbate bad feelings toward Trimble in an inflammatory manner.):

… which was pointing at several of the posts by projectmanager that were hidden (not by Trimble,) but by the community members (including myself as I flagged all his posts except the first,) for flooding the thread.

Flooding is against the rules in any online forum.

We discussed flooding (and this particular case) in the following Meta topic thread:

I (myself and others) had no problem allowing him to make his initial statement (although I did disagree with part of what he said in a later post.) Others let his 2nd repetitive post squeak by. But all his posts after that, were just too much and obvious flooding.

The rules of decorum are not suspended just because participants in the discussion are angry.