My comment was flagged in 3D Warehouse


I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I just couldn’t seem to find a correct place for it…
I recently left a positive comment about someone’s model, and now I see it’s been flagged as “abusive.” Here is the comment I left: "You’ve done some beautiful work, and this cabin is among my favorites. What ever time it takes you to construct something like this, well, it really shows in the results. Most excellent work!"
What is abusive about that?! I don’t understand. Does this mean it’ll be deleted? Will I be banned from making comments? I don’t get it.
The comment was left on Gromorg’s “Wooden Blockhouse” model.


My long lost brother! Welcome!



Thanks for the welcome, but I wish it could have been under better circumstances.


Don’t worry about it. The moderators will check things out and dismiss the flag.

The modeler admits he does not understand English well. Then mentions “the mark of insult” and needing to finish texture work on his models, which he hopes to find time to do.

Seems like just a misunderstanding.

The other thing was that we had asked that the flag feature be given another tooltip (like “flag for moderation”,) but it has not yet been done.