Plugin for recording project hours

Hi All,

I seem to remember seeing a plugin that was able to record hours spent on a project
I even remember installing it, but could not get it to work.
Does anyone have any idea what it was, or have something that does the job?


Sounds like you are thinking of Fredo’s SUClock.


Hi Box,
yes I think that’s it! :pray: :+1:t3:

Did you ever try it?

I don’t think I got to work

I’ve never needed it, but there are plenty of instructions if you click the more info button.

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SUClock is a great little tool.

Open and save a new project. Then select Fredo’s SUClock and assign to your newly saved project. It records all the time you have that project open and automatically pauses when you go to another page etc. Starts again automatically when you return. You can then see the report and it tells you the idle time you’ve spent.

Btw. Try to avoid pausing it because many times I have forgotten to un-pause and not noticed for a couple of hours!! Then you are back to guessing how long you spend on a project :wink:

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Hi Scooter,
It sounds awesome, ive installed it again and will try it.
I have two screens, so I guess It wont pause but still I’m hoping it will help to time projects :slight_smile:

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