Please send me the link to download SU 2016 Free


My ‘C’ drive died, I lost 2016 SU, would somebody please send me the link or point me to where the link is.

Thanks and I appreciate your helping me.

Jack G


There was never a “Sketchup 2016 Free”. “SU Free” is the web based version. There used to be a “SU Make” until 2018 but apparently there isn’t even a download available in any version of Make now. All the old links in the previous threads lead to the same page now. Guess its time to pony up the money for a paid version, go to the web based free version or move on to other software.


You can still get a download of v2017 - but remember that the ‘Make’ version is limited to ‘non-commercial-use’…

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thank you. After my comment I did find the link on the web version application. I had forgotten it used to be there. Glad it still is. I do not see another way to find it with out opening the web version.


Non commercial use only, click the arrow to drop the links…


THANK YOU to all for your help, honestly, this is the first forum where I didn’t get flamed, called out as a dummy, etc., thanks again for your kindness towards helping me.

Jack G


The SU forum is the best part of the program.

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We have a pretty high ethic of courtesy and relevance here. Flamers and trolls come by every so often, but they tend to be weeded out fast.


Thank you Steve and Michael, I like my SU, I am no expert, if I have an idea, I first use SU, to prove out what I am thinking, I am faster at SU than hand drawing, SU has saved lots of wasted $$ for me.

Thanks again.

Jack G

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Thank you to ALL who have helped me, I first made a restore point, then downloaded SU 2017, seems to be working,

Thanks again for the help,

Jack G