PLEASE HELP - Unexpected file format (13.4 MB)
Please fix project

Are you using SketchUp Free (web) as indicated in your profile?

use SketchUp Free (

I just tried opening it in Pro 2022 and got the same error message.
I tried again in the web version only to get “File not found or invalid.”
All I can see is a small preview image in my file browser.

Have you tried the Viewer app?

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how do i fix it

Please clarify which version you are using and correct your profile. Based on your last screen shot you are not using SketchUp 2022 nor SketchUp Free (web). Also correct the operating system and graphics card information.

It might be that @colin would be able to recover your file.


i use version 2020

Why put incorrect information in your profile then?
Screenshot - 6_2_2022 , 12_52_22 PM

Hopefully Colin will be able to look at your file and help you recover it but putting bogus information in your profile doesn’t help you.

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ok i will fix it