Pipe-line-like extruction with downgrading/offsetting radius? Need that

I’m trying to do a particular instrument which is similar to a pipeline in some ways but as the figures goes on, the radius gets smaller (even on curves).
At first I didn’t find the tool Follow Me on my Sketchup Pro, so then (after a lot of time of struggling by doing it by hand) I decided to use an extension but this extension is to simple and doesn’t let me do that in particular.
I may do this by hand if there’s no other solution, but this instrument is intended for 3D printing and when I do things by hand the model “breaks” in some places after the STL exportation.

Fredo’s Curviloft perhaps.

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It is shown as an outdated signature extension, even on unrestricted.

Nevermind, i got the library from fredo afterwards and it was done.
Thank you so much.

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