Pine Stools for Morning SketchUp Practice

Loosely based on a loom stool from about 1840. The footprint of the original is wider than the seat. I reduced the rake and splay for this one. Parts for a second one ready for assembly.


It looks cool :slight_smile:
EDIT: how did you make the shape of the seat? if it’s not too much to ask.

Might reduce the probability of falling over

I’m sure that’s why it was done back then. This is a pretty simple model. I might draw a new version with the splay set up to match the original stool.

I would bet it’s a simple follow-me?

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Sorry. I missed your edit.

Cotty is absolutely correct. Nothing complicated at all.

This render shows the grain a little better.


Cool, the idea that came to my mind was more complex and with a worse result. thank you for sharing the idea.

I remember looking for some dimensions for these, the splay was 7 deg. I made mine with 6 deg and they were pretty stable.
Not sure that’s of any help, but hope it is.

Nice as always Dave.

Not sure if I can use this thread to ask something.
But is there any recommended site that contains good (pretty exact or absolutely exact) blueprints for forniture and others? with basic and harder.

By the way, the think I thought the seat was made was something like this (it’s only to show how I make “easy” things more complicated, I know it doens’t look alike), don’t worry about the .gif I understood the explanation about how you did it using follow me tool.


There are various sites that offer furniture plans. Some for sale some free. A large number of the plans here include detailed plans and also a SketchUp file. For models like the stools and others, here, I only use photos for reference.

Thank so much :wink:

Your models looks awesome.
I have a friend who likes furniture design, I bet she will love them.

Thank you.

Here’s the stool with a wider footprint.


Ah, the Larry Craig model.


Ha, ha, ha. :smiley:

Very nice work DaveR

Nice work. What kind of rendering program do you use to produce these beautiful renderings.
Thanks zadach

Thank you.

I use Kerkythea for rendering.