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This thread is created in response to a comment @DanRathbun made about culture affecting the human behavior and I want to learn more about the subject. Please contribute so that we can all learn!

More than a cultural thing, we are dealing with different personality types, which may respond differently given the same scenarios. Yes, culture has a big impact on how people behave, and what we’re willing to accept as a boundary is also influenced by it. My exposure on how to run a business/startup is mostly influenced by American culture because I spend the majority of my time listening to American Podcasts about entrepreneurship. Legally, everyone from Puerto Rico (my birthplace) is an American Citizen, but culturally we have a distinct identity and language.

We know that ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, social status, and many other factors can influence the way we react to others. Even the weather can affect our mood and judgment… Believe me, I know because I can write a book on how Hurricane Maria drove me and many others to the edge. From not having electric power or water for more than 4 months (some still don’t have to this day), and having to spend 5 hours on a line to get fuel or clean water and sometimes you didn’t get any because there was not enough for everyone. Mind you having money in the bank was not good because the only acceptable form of payment was cash and no one could go to a bank to get the money. And, communication was not working so people couldn’t confirm their loved ones were in good health. Point is my tolerance for bullshit was very low and seeing the President throwing paper towels like we were animal and tweeting insensible stupid comments had me very upset.

Don’t want to make this too long but communicating effectively without offending some people is a skill. Not being able to see the person I am writing to in this SketchUp forum makes it hard to judge their personality type. I hope that I can figure out the best practices and like always thank you DanRathbun for pointing me to a solution.

P.S. I want to explore more about this subject and read other peoples thoughts on the manner. Please contribute your two cents so we can learn…Cheers!

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No cultural stereotype can define a whole culture, but occasionally stereotypes are accurate.

I hope you feel better soon. In my opinion, it seems undemocratic to keep Trump as president considering his 40% approval rating.

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That’s only a little bit less than the approximately 50% approval required to be voted in. And that is not considering any that may disapprove of both candidates at election time.
Disclaimer: I’m politically neutral and never vote.
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Trump’s average approval rating (39%) is the lower than any other president’s average approval rating that I can find. I don’t know if there was a worse approval rating prior to Trump’s presidency because the website didn’t list any data from before President Harry Truman…

Presidential Approval Ratings – Donald Trump:

Presidential Approval Ratings – Gallup Historical Statistics and Trends:

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Mr. Trump got elected even as he didn’t get 50% of the votes (if I remember right he was about 3 million short). The American law doesn’t seem very democratic. It would be impossible here in Finland.


This thread was/is about personaliy types. I guess about who is participating on this forum. Fortunaly Trump isn’t (yet), so I wonder why he always manages to “find” his way in being the bigger part of this and many other discussions. I would prefere leaving him out.
I was raised in an environment (little island south of Puerto Rico) with quite a bit of US influence. Advertising was everywhere. It was something that you couldn’t/can’t do without if you want to do “good” business. I didn’t know any better.
Then we moved to were I live now, the Netherlands. No big signs on the street or on facades, forbidden at that time. Even TV was without any commercials. What a cultural shock that was to me.
Fortunately things have changed quite a bit by then. Nowadays we are somewhere in between. Commercials, advertising, it is largely accepted. Less or no controle by the government at that point.
Good advertising is a merite, it can be an art. Too much of irrelevant and/or shouting stuff drives people away. Wading through all of it takes away precious time so it will always be balancing on a thin line.
I certainly think it (advertising) has to do (at least a little bit) with cultural influences.
Unfortunately I’ve seen no personal(ity types) reactions so far, only Trump-related ones.
Let’s leave out Trump. Although @indie3d’s note about him and the paper towels was relevant in his intro. I feel with him (@indie3d I mean)


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