ParaCloud Gem for Windows!

Where can I download ParaCloud GEM for sketchup 2016 to run on a Windows?
thanking in anticipation

Gems are normally distributed from the server, but
search | | your community gem host
gives no results.

Can you explain a bit more about this gem ? What does it do ?

It a 3d parametric generative tool for 3d printing. It is usable with sketchup. I have found multiple tutorials on it on youtube and a mac download link. However none for Windows.

thankyou for the reply!

if you know of an alternative that would also be more than welcome :slight_smile:

I am sorry to bother you with this topic, but somebody must know something. ‘Paracloud GEM’ for me looks like one of the most advanced Sketch Plugins ever available. But this great, great plugin which partly adds ‘Grasshopper’ abilities to Sketchup seems completely vanished from the Internet. No download option nowhere, even no old files for earlier Sketchup versions. Any information is helpful! Cheers!

This is the 1st I’ve heard of it, although there was a previous thread here on it.

The YouTube videos show an old version of SketchUp pre version 2013 (when the icons changed.) Other posts on the web indicate it was circa SketchUp 8.

The website is nothing but a static webpage, that says “(c) 2006-2012”.

Looks as though the project may have been abandoned, or perhaps sold to some other company ? (Just guessing.)

The last tweet was in Feb of 2012:

It was from Tel Aviv, Israel.

The download link does not work:

The online User Guide is still there:

Thank you Dan for the information!

@vidhyasaravanan6, Do you have permission from the author or copyright holder, to distribute this software ?

(FYI - The poster of the software removed the post, without answering the question.)

Thankyou so much !
Ill get back to you if it works well :slight_smile:
Bless you for sharing and may you have a great day !

You welcome :slight_smile:

where can i get the download driver? Thank you! @vidhyasaravanan6