Paint bucket

in paint bucket, i cant use airdrop to drop the material from one to another. here is I followed instruction

-while the paint bucket tool selected , hover over an existing painted surface in your mondel
-hold down on the command’s key and left click on the face of the material (which there is nothing happened )


Can’t say for sure, because there is no model to look at.

But this can happen when using Groups and Components… And in depends on how an object was originally painted.

Objects painted from Inside of the Groups ‘Edit Mode’… can’t be overwritten by trying to paint them again from Outside of the Group.

So, you may need to go back into the edit mode to change colors from within. OR, Reset the color to the SU Default, to have the option of being able to paint from outside of the group once again.

Things can get a little tricky if there are some nested groups and components in play.

If this doesn’t seem to work fairly easily, then please upload your model so it can be looked at more closely.

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Were did you see those instructions? There is a part missingg, perhaps?

If you are trying to copy a material that is already in your model, press and hold Alt and the bucket will change to the pipet, if you click and release the Alt key, the cursor will change back to the bucket, filled with the color you just ‘pipeted’

Goto Window->Default Tray and check the Instructor Panel, It will give you tips and tricks of the currently selected tool.