OS X framework integration


Hi there,

I try to integrate the last OS X sketchup SDK via the slapi framework in my Xcode project.

All works fine, except if I relaunch Xcode. Then it seems to lose the connection to the framework, and I get this error after compiling :

“Lexical or processor issue : ‘slapi/slapi.h’ file not found”

If I remove and I reinstall the framework, the compilation and my test code work again… Till I quit Xcode.

Any idea ?



The new SDK (the one that is available since a few days) do not solve my problem.

Did I missed something in the installation process ?
I set the framework in the “Linked Frameworks and Libraries” panel, and set the “Runpath Search Paths” with the framework folder path.

However, I had to remove and reset the slapi.framework in the “Linked Frameworks and Libraries” panel, everytime Xcode is relaunched.

Did someone ever met such a problem ?


It seems that I do not understand something with the framework : if I transfer the slapi.framework into the user’s /Library/Frameworks folder, all works fine.

Thus, did I need installing the framework somewhere ?

My application packet does not show any dylib or framework after the compilation… Will I need to incorporate the framework installation process on the user’s computer into my own installer, or will it be automatically embedded it into my app ?

Sorry for such naive questions :blush:, I’m not very skilled with third party frameworks and libs and thanks by advance for your help !


So, for those of you that need the solution, I found a procedure for my problem :smile:

Thus, it is also necessary to copy the framework into the app’s bundle with a new Build phase that is tagged “copy”, and to add a “Copy Files” item with the slapi.framework.

I don’t know if that is absolutely required, but I added the path “@executable_path/…/Frameworks” to the “Runpath Search paths” field of the “Build Settings”.



Glad you found a solution!