Opening (hole) in Solid (volume)

Hello everyone,
it’s my first post. Hope i can explain my Problem.
I am trying to design a solid (Bridge deck). In this solid volume, there is core area, which has to be empty. From outside we cannot see but we know that core area is emty.
for example: a cube, inside the cube there is a ball. We cannot see the ball from outside but we know that the ball is an empty area in this cube.

Geometry is very spesific, ball/cube is just an example.

How i could create this empty Volume in solid volume? I could not do that with intersection Tools.
Thanks in advance.

In simple terms, model the shape of the void inside. Make sure the face orientation is correct.

If you share the bridge model or at least some images, it might be possiblle to use Follow Me with a profile or some such thing to model it.

Another way of looking at it is to give thickness to the structure. So the skin leaves a void while retaining it’s own geometric solidity.

I uploaded a photo. Here u can see plan, and sections.

Problem is still there.

i uploaded a pic. check please.

i am sorry, but i could not understand. Please check the pic i just uploaded.

You could draw the section of Schnitt B and use Push/Pull to extrude it leaving the holes through it. Then add the solid sections at the end.

You changed the project. Draw the shapes of the voids and put them inside the box.

I cannot add more Details because of Copyrights. Sorry, i should have uploaded all together. I m new here :slight_smile:

i will draw void shapes and put them inside the box. Should i do something then?

Just make sure that front faces are oriented to the voids. For 3D printing the back face color is to the printing medium.

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In basic terms a sphere inside a cube would be seen as a void if the front faces faced in.


thank you. <3

I’m in a pub on a very random connection . so go with Dave’s posts.

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:slight_smile: enjoy your beer! Cheers!
Thank you guys for your time.