On multiple button toolbar, to keep only 1 MF_GRAYED at a time

Folks, I’m creating a toolbar (or a menu item also can) to set a specific STRING value to a variable.
But even I added the set_validation_proc to control the switch MF_GRAYED and MF_ENABLED, I can’t keep only 1 MF_GRAYED is allowed at one time.
Any suggestions? should I carry on with UI::Toolbar or rather just go with action_call_back instead?

Thanks a ton.

module LeeJayHom
  module OnesieTwosey

    @@loaded = false unless defined?(@@loaded)
    unless @@loaded

      @var ||= 'one'

      CMD ||= {}

      CMD[:one]= UI::Command.new('Command One') {
        @var = 'one'
        puts '@var changed to "one".'
      }.set_validation_proc {
        @var == 'two' ? MF_ENABLED : MF_DISABLED | MF_GRAYED
      CMD[:one].small_icon= 'one.png'
      CMD[:one].large_icon= 'one.png'

      CMD[:two]= UI::Command.new('Command Two') {
        @var = 'two'
        puts '@var changed to "two".'
      }.set_validation_proc {
        @var == 'one' ? MF_ENABLED : MF_DISABLED | MF_GRAYED
      CMD[:two].small_icon= 'two.png'
      CMD[:two].large_icon= 'two.png'

      TOOLBAR ||= UI::Toolbar.new('Onesie-Twosey')

      CMD.each_value do |cmd|


      @@loaded = true


OMG… I love the module names! really thanks Dan!

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Beware that validation procs trigger very frequently on Windows. And string comparisons are slow.
Consider using symbols or integer constants instead of strings for state.


Thanks Tom! Integer control is faster… I’ll post you another question regarding your component replacer haha super love it!

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