Oculus GO with SketchUP VR

I tested SketchUP VR with Oculus rift and it’s work fine. I wonder that the SketchUP VR is work with Oculus Go?
Thank you

Y ou would need to have some output, there is no SketchUp app for Ogulus Go.
Use a renderplugin to create panorama’s, 360’s etc. Not interacive (yet)

Kubity comes in mind

It is possible using unreal engine (OR Unity).

No easy solution at first going this route though, you Will have to learn a bit of unreal, shaders, organising your 3d model, blueprint scripting and installing visual c and android.

Thank you guys

Self promotion - A great SketchUp to VR app is Yulio VR , and it has a free 30 days trial. We also have a cloud render plugin that will render in stereoscopic 3d for the Oculus Go.