Oculus Go fun

I have Oculus Go, and I just had to try SketchUp Free on it! We need a stereoscopic version of SketchUp.


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Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d be keen to hear more about your experience using the existing SketchUp build on your Oculus Go. I’m sure you’re run into some issues, if you’re willing to share.

It does involve a lot of pointing, especially as you don’t have the benefit of keyboard shortcuts! I don’t think it would be easy to achieve anything precise or complex.

There are some things that could be done for VR though. You could make a variation of the SketchUp mobile app that displays your models entirely in VR, then submit that to the Oculus store.

Better yet would be a way to have desktop SketchUp create a local server, that you could view with your VR headset. Try this URL on a headset to see what that would be like:

krpano threejs example

It’s a long URL to have to type using a VR wand. Here’s a shorter URL: krpano ThreeJS example

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