Ocean liners contest

this is a contest of real and fictional ocean liners. what i will build it?

pleas reply

Hi Ryan,

Unfortunately, you have not given anyone anything to reply to. If you want feedback, ask some questions. Give us something to which we can respond.

i just buidling real and fictional ocean liners

Good for you.

You still haven’t give us anything to reply to.

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i making real and fictional ocean liners

i don’t use skechucation. No

Ryan, is this your devientart page …

maybe you should explain in French/Brazilian what your wanting…


i’m french-brazilian

i just making ships and objects into ilan papini’s vehicle simulator in-game

It is nice that you are doing that, but what do you want from us? Are you just posting an announcement?

Did someone say you did?

i don’t use skechucation. No

that’s odd

That’s what the rest of us were saying.

No offence, but are you hearing voices?

That’s oddest reason. i make ships right now

Did I just walk into a scene from “Alice in Wonderland” or is it just late…

how to build ships using sketch up

So you are making the ships right now, to show us soon?

If so please do, you’ve got us all in suspense.

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yes i buidling